Vill du sälja en new  — David S. This is awesome! I spend most of my time at company meetings keeping notes of corpspeak and lingo, always looking out for new buzzwords. My   The title says it all. If you want to sound holy and spiritual and can't find the proper words to express yourself, this generator will do it for you. 29. Okt. 2020 New Age Bullshit Generator.

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4. Repeat to taste (use your Enter/Return key). See posts, photos and more on Facebook. New Age Bullshit Generator - Discussions, questions - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you.

After sitting through hours of New Age rhetoric, I decided to have a crack at writing code to generate it automatically and speed things up a bit. New Age Bullshit Generator Overview. The new-age bullshit generator generates original new age bullshit.

How to Generate a New Age Bullshit. Hit the Generate button to generate yourself some tasty new-age bullshit.

New-Age Bullshit Generator (2014) (sebpearce.com) 19 points by lawrenceyan 3 hours ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments yesenadam 24 minutes ago It’s…the New Age Bullshit Generator! I bet Waylon Lewis, John Friend (efficacy!), Deepak (quantum!), Eckhart (now!), Tony Robbins (ca-ching!), The Daily Love and various twitter/instagram Spiritual Heroes are so pissed right now. They could have just used this thing all along. PS: if any of the above don’t find this funny, I’d be surprised. 2014-05-27 · New Age therapies can have psychological benefits. What's up with the constant need to use scientific terminology they clearly don't understand?

New age bullshit generator

13 posts in this topic. Guest Mount Bananas Topic New Age Bullshit Generator. Try it! Funny as hell! http://sebpearce.com/bullshit/.
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I wrote a blog post about it if you're interested. Brilliantly begetting benign buzzwords.

Don't fill in the box. 2. Simply click the "make bullshit" button. 3.
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Both select  Gautier de Montmollin committed [r224]. Added 'Reinvention in the digital age calls for modern simplicity', split. 2 years ago  1 Dec 2015 Between the study and the New Age Bullshit Generator, to say nothing of the Chopra-like statement generator, Christmas has come early. Now, if  19.