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Gigi Hadid has apologised after her appearance on the cover of Vogue Italia was lambasted for the apparent use of “blackface”. The model faced a huge backlash when the photo, which was taken by The model publicly apologized on social media after receiving backlash for her cover shoot. One day after Vogue Italia revealed the cover of its May issue, Gigi Hadid is publicly apologizing. On Gigi Hadid recently became the center of backlash after her new Vogue Italia cover appeared to show her with darkened skin. After the image—photographed by Steven Klein—was unveiled on social media Gigi Hadid is issuing a mea culpa for what many fans perceived to be her in blackface on the new cover of Vogue Italia even though she's not taking any of the blame. In today's episode of white people culturally appropriating, Gigi Hadid in what looks like blackface is the subject gracing this month's Vogue Italia cover.

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Share This Story. Also Watch. Gigi Hadid is speaking up about her controversial Vogue Italia cover, which has sparked accusations of blackface. Gigi Hadid is being accused of blackface on her latest Vogue cover.

In a statement, the model said her control over photoshoots is "non-existent in terms of creative direction," but that the concerns raised about the photo are valid.

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The model shared a preview of the cover on her Instagram,  May 5, 2018 Social media posts decried the dark skin tone, many likening it to the blackface minstrels of the 19th century that promoted racial stereotypes. May 3, 2018 Gigi Hadid recently posed for the cover of 'Vogue Italia' in what appears to be blackface. Many were quick to call out both her and the publication.

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The shoot  May 3, 2018 Gigi Hadid is under fire again for trying to appropriate the culture.

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Gigi Hadid has been accused of wearing blackface for a magazine cover. 50 Celebrities Who Have Died In 2018 – Tribute Slideshow The 23-year-old model shared a now-deleted picture on Instagram of Gigi Hadid is apologizing profusely for her ‘Vogue’ Italia cover where she was so darkened that fans called her out for having blackface done. We’ve got what she has to day.
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This is not the first time Hadid has been accused of Hadid appears to place the blame squarely on Vogue Italia, which has faced similar accusations of blackface and cultural appropriation in the past. In 2015, Hadid came under fire for wearing an Gigi Hadid looks unrecognizable on her Vogue Italia cover. Her skin is noticeably darker, and fans think blackface is to blame. Gigi Hadid has apologised after being criticised for her heavily bronzed look on the cover of Vogue Italia.

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Between Kanye West’s “Make America Great Again” tour and Gigi Hadid in blackface on Vogue Italia’s latest cover, the internet had plenty to react to this week.Without further a-do, here’s what upset the internet this week. Gigi Hadid has apologised after being criticised for her heavily bronzed look on the cover of Vogue Italia. it was an example of "blackface". The picture, shot by photographer Steven Klein, Gigi Hadid, Vogue Italia apologize after blackface backlash .