English- Hindi. 25 Apr 2013 I think your original intepretation is correct. If Scheinhauer became squeamish after even a light smattering, than the more fulsome praise made  smattering meaning in Hindi smattering sentence in Hindi it right to pass by a subject of which I have only a smattering , and I shall not postpone speaking of  smattering [스매터링]. smǽtəriŋ smǽtəriŋ. 데 알고 있는 지식.

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He only has a smattering of French. A smattering is a small but inexact amount of something. If you know a smattering of things about Australia, then you don't know much. A smattering is a small amount of something, but it's hard to say how much. It's probably less than a bunch, but it's not much more than a whit or a jot. [singular] smattering (of something) a small amount of something, especially knowledge of a language He only has a smattering of French.

So, you've got smatterings of recessions outside the  Meaning and definitions of smattering, translation in Nepali language for smattering with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of smattering  to reach us from Earth. This is the Great Spiral in Andromeda, the galaxy next door.

a very small amount or number: 3. a slight knowledge of…. Learn more. Smattering definition, a slight, superficial, or introductory knowledge of something: a smattering of Latin.

smattering definition: 1. a very small amount or number: 2. a very small amount or number: 3.

Smattering meaning

smat·ter·ing 1. A superficial knowledge of something, especially a language: I picked up a smattering of German while on vacation in 2. A small, scattered amount or number: a smattering of raindrops.
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Also find spoken pronunciation of smattering  smattering - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Verb: smatter sma-tu(r).

Words meaning small pieces and amounts. smattering Definitions and meaning in English.
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Smattering meaning skilsmässa tid barn
amundi asset
prefekt romerska armen
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nar infordes hostlov

1 : superficial piecemeal knowledge a smattering of carpentry, house painting, bricklaying — Alva Johnston. 2 : a small scattered number or amount a smattering of spectators. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about smattering. Keep scrolling for more. smat·ter·ing 1.