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'bat an eye' is the definition. (to nictitate is to blink) 'new forms of technology put away' is the wordplay. 'new' becomes 'n' (common abbreviation eg NT for New Testament). In fact, some bats have excellent eyesight, and bats on the whole are quite skilled in moving about and hunting prey in total darkness.

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Definition: show fear or emotion while doing something difficult; flinch. Example: Jocelyn cleaned the fish without batting an eye, and then she cooked them. Note: Used in the negative—”without batting an eye,” or “didn’t bat an eye.’ You are here: Home / Home - Featured / Criminal Judge-committed Fraud & Perjury, nobody bats an eye! “This is not promoting confidence in our Judiciary” Clark County Nevada Bat an Eye Productions. 199 likes.

Mary didn't even bat an eye when I told her I was moving out. bat an eye To display a subtle emotional reaction, such as consternation, annoyance, sadness, joy, etc.

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Luxury furniture. GLORY – SIDEBOARD. LONDON COLLECTION  Batting eye CP-2 壘球打擊器.

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Snygga även för sig  CANON BINOCUL 12X36IS III W/EYE CAP NECK STRAP SOFT CASE 2XAA BAT IN (9526B005) - Typ: Optik. Sold out. Ty Igor - bat with green eyes regular. Regular, 15 cm. Age. Players. Time.

Bats an eye

[] t bat an eye. t bat an eye at, but doing so while folding your arms and staring someone dead in the eye may begin to look suspicious to a potential caller.
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NeoVision Eye Center utilizes Brightness Acuity Testers (BATs) to simulate bright conditions to test if a patient has possible disorders during eye exams. Evil Bat Eye - Item · Level: 1 · Buy for: 83 20 · Sells for: 20 80. Oct 25, 2019 Don't bat an eye because Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is proclaiming Oct. 24-31 as Bat Week to raise awareness about the need for bat  Oct 14, 2010 It is so obvious, in fact, that the eyes of a bat are blinded by it, and cannot see it ( Thomas mentions owls, and other translations have moles, I think)  Aug 17, 2012 A dab of bats blood to blind patients eyes just might be the ticket to a cure.

Another way to say Bat An Eye? Synonyms for Bat An Eye (other words and phrases for Bat An Eye).
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Gratis Internet Ordbok. Miljontals översättningar på över 20 olika språk. Women Sexy Black Lace Venetian Wizard Bat Spider Halloween Ball Masquerade Party Eye Mask Gift – försäljning av produkter till låga pris, i produktkatalogen  Det här är ett nytt faktablad från Baltic Eye. Det sammanställer forskning som visar att trafiken med fritidsbåtar kan tunna ut och ge allvarliga  Motiv: Bat Red Eyes Produkt: Mesh Cap Barn av Myrtle Beach Barn mössan Mesh Cap från Myrtle Beach är elegant och funktionell på samma gång.